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Delicious Spicy Chai Tea Recipe

Chai Tea recipe

Spicy Chai Tea With Essential Oils

A good Spicy Chai Tea forms part of my morning ritual and I love it. I have tasted so many different chai’s but still I have to say ‘Mine is the best’.  And… since everybody adores my chai tea, I am sharing the love. Here are two recipes, one with raw spices and the other with spicy essential oils. Enjoy

Chai Tea recipeSoraya’s CHAI TEA

6 Cardamom Pods
4 Clove flowerets
1/4 – 1/2 tsp Ginger grated or chopped to taste
1 star anise
1/3 cinnamon quill



Put hard spices in mortar and pestle and loosely grind.
Add to pot with ginger and 11/2 cup water.
Simmer for 2-5 mins.
Add 3 tea bags (I use Australian Madura premium blend or Roasted Dandelion Root)
Add 1/2 cup milk ( I love a coconut-rice blend )
Bring up to simmer and turn off.
Steep 1 min, remove tea bags.
Sieve and serve 2 cups. You can save the spices and top up for the next cup.
Add Honey to taste. ??   YUMO.

Note: if your sensitive to caffeine then use Roasted Dandelion Root. I don’t do caffeine after 2pm.  I find using tea bags or put loose tea in a metal net is best,  so I can pull out tea and reuse the spice mix, topping it up a second or even third time. It just gets taster but you don’t want stewed tea in it.

Ahhhh…. Now…sit somewhere lovely with your darling or blissfully alone, breath deep, relax and take your time to sip slowly and enjoy the aromatic experience.

Travel and Still Enjoy Your Chai Tea with Essential Oils

Ok so we don’t always have time or a kitchen to boil up the spices for the long slow chai. So here is what I often do now and it’s awesome.

  •  Cardamom Essential Oil: 1 tap from a 2 ml bottle
  •  Black Pepper Essential oil: 1 tap from a 2 ml bottle
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil: 1 tap from a 2 ml bottle
  • Clove Essential Oil – (I find it too strong but some love it) 1 tap
  • Quality black tea – decaf if preferred Or a Roasted Dandelion Teabag
  • Milk of choice
  • Honey or Maple Syrup to sweeten

Steep teabag then add milk and tap in oils last (so not boiling) and add Honey to taste.


Namaste Soraya