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Healing a Broken Ankle

Essential Oils for a Broken Ankle

Falling and Breaking My Ankle

I share here how yoga, nutrition and essential oils assisted my healing of a broken ankle. Life is full of surprises and I broke my ankle badly on the 19th of October 2020 on a steep slope, when a small landslide moved the earth underfoot. With my left foot trapped behind a rock, my body turned and fell down the slope. And SNAP ūüí• SNAP ūüí• broken fibula, and a spiral break of the tibia into the ankle joint. I heard the snaps and so did my son who I’d been chatting to. I knew I’d broken my leg. Then… Excruciating PAIN!!¬†

The Ambulance Arrived

The pain was massive. Deep breathing, mindfulness and body awareness kicked in. Fortunately the skin was not broken. On my request my son ran and got a bottle of Panaway Essential Oil bend and I poured the bottle over my leg. It helped but the pain was only fully relieved when I was given the green whistle analgesic by the ambulance guys… upon their arrival. I spent the next 3 weeks in hospital confined to bed with a backcast on. Yep, drugs, bedpans and elevation. This was followed by a major operation which inserted a steel plate and 11 screws in my ankle. pic below… I have to say my essential oil diffuser with either lavender or peace and calming essential oil blend became a great comfort during my enforced hospital stay… The smell of hospitals has always been off-putting.¬†

Broken Ankle

Hospital Stay

In my healing journey I’ve incorporated my knowledge of naturopathy, nutrition and yoga therapy together with our Young Living Essential Oils to enhance healing this injury. And I’m very happy with my progress. I’m now walking… crutches and moon boot free, just 41/2 months later.
I was initially told it would take a lot longer. I was to expect it would be 6 months before I’d walk again. The doctor had explained it was a very bad break and at my age of 60 and being post-menopausal I could expect healing to be slow.
I was determined to prove them wrong.

Believe: "My Miraculous Body Can and will Heal" 

It was a great relief to be released from hospital. I was grateful to the hardworking nurses and their care. But it’s not pleasant being drugged with pain killers, having poor food options and being confined to the bed. Although I was grateful for the pain relief, my whole body felt toxic. I craved fresh air, home cooking and our homely natural forest environment.

Loss of Muscle Mass

I’d already lost muscle mass in my calf from inertia and I knew this would get worse over the coming weeks. There was to be NO weight bearing on my left leg for months to come. This also means the right side of my body had to compensate, creating further imbalance.. Following the¬† operation to my great relief the plaster was gone… Yey!¬† I was to wear a moon boot instead. Not that I loved the moon boot but I could take it off and get to and work with my leg.

Healing Begins

I believe in the miraculous power of our bodies. They want to heal, they’re programmed to heal. All they need is the right ingredients and support. With my background in healing and with yoga therapy and aromatherapy I went to work.

I started using my oils and began discovering the best gentle yoga practices to support balance and to maintain as much strength in my leg, and movement in my joints as possible.

I stopped using pain-killers as soon as I got home. Getting the inflammation down was important as the swelling increased both pain and discomfort. As well as ice and elevation for my leg I made a combination of wintergreen, cypress, helichrysum and peppermint essential oils in V6 base oil and massaged that all around the ankle, foot and calf muscle.

Comfrey is great herb and can make a helpful compress overnight. I took it internally at this stage as a homeopathic because I was wearing my moon boot to bed…yep, very uncomfortable. I had also been taking homeopathic Arnica three¬†times a day since the break.

Our amazing Young Living therapeutic oils from natures pharmacy, together with specific yoga movements began to reduce the inflammation. Gentle yoga improved circulation to my foot and kept the supporting joints more mobile. Since speaking to others with a similar injuries I realise that my inflammation was minimal. I believe due to these choices.

Reducing Hardened Scar Tissue

Once the stitches dissolved I began massaging the Scar B Gone Recipe of essential oils over my operation scar at least 3 times a day. This assisted in the healing and reduced the hardening of the scar tissue significantly. Less hardened scar tissue means greater movement of the underlying tissue and a better outcome. I have to say my scar is pretty dam good now. 

Nutrition To Support Bone Healing & Tissue Repair

  • NingXia Red is my daily dose of antioxidants supporting healing.¬†
  • Mineral Essence is an amazing ionic mineral supplement to support bone formation.
  • Sulphurzyme: with MSM and Copiaba essential oil is so good for our joints and inflammation.¬†
  • I Increased my protein (lentil-dahl, hemp seeds, nuts and seeds)
  • Bone broth can be helpful for meat eaters.
  • Magnesium Supplementation with Mega Cal.
  • Vitamin D and K3 taken together improve bone growth.


Essential Oils for a  broken ankle 

  • Wintergreen, Cypress, Copiaba and Peppermint¬†
  • Helichrysum for nerve damage and pain (such a special oil)
  • Frankincense (calming, healing & spiritual understanding)
  • The raindrop oils are fabulous. Organise a raindrop massage if possible.
  • Pan-away essential oils blend for pain includes helichrysum.¬†
  • Cel-Lite-Magic massage oil blend to reduce inflammation and support the lymph & circulation of whole leg.¬†
  • Scar-B-Gone recipe to massage over and reduce hardening of scar tissue
  • Purification Essential Oil Blend: Perfect for Stinky Moon Boots – just drop it in.

Stiffness in Supporting muscles and Joints

Stiffness in both my left hip and left knee were an issue when I first began weight bearing again. And this would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t done all the work I’d been doing with yoga therapy. I added more movements now gently and daily to loosen up my hip and knee and to strengthen my ankle and leg again. Massaging Young Livings Ortho-Ease Massage oil (in the raindrop kit) was great here too.¬†

Courage, Patience and Persistence

Bones take time to heal as they are the most dense part of our body. So this is not a quick fix.  This is a journey that take courage. I have found it to be a wonderful teacher of inner listening and mindful action. And, for slowing the pace of everything right down. A mantra I had used for many clients, and during this time for myself, is perfectly apt here.

"Nothing needs to happen in a hurry".

Healing well, and I wanted to, takes consistent dedicated daily loving support of your body. This requires both patience and persistence. Through daily yoga therapy and right nutrition supported by our wonderful oils and young living supplements I’ve supported my body to heal well.¬†

Loving our Body Better

I am very happy to say the moon boot went in record time. And the crutches have now gone too. I can even sit cross legged again on my yoga mat…whew. I’m nearly doing stairs one foot at a time – very tricky after such a break. And for each of achievements I feel very grateful. I’m glad I worked closely with my body trusting it to heal.¬†

The Gifts of Love & Gratitude Received

Walking has now become a precious gift and a much more mindful action for me these days. Every challenge has its gifts and mine have been many. One has been an appreciation of my husband as the closeness and tenderness between us has deepened.

We have been through so much together and this was another confirmation of our shared trust and love for each other. I have always been the healer and usually the one to deal with mishap. But during this challenge Terry stepped up with such loving tenderness to care for me in so many ways.

The Power of Vulnerability

When you can’t walk, can’t stand in the shower, lower yourself on the toilet or carry anything due to pain and sudden disability, life becomes limited. There is a real sense of vulnerability. Allowing yourself to be helped and supported in the most extraordinary and ordinary ways is humbling. And Terry was always there to serve, love and share each moment with me. I have such gratitude for him as well as all the love offered me by friends and family.

“My Miraculous Body Can Heal” – You better believe it¬†
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