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Seed To Seal

Quality You Can Trust Seed to Seal

Young Living is very proud of its Seed to Seal process which delivers the highest quality essential oils and health products to us. This begins with the quality of the seeds planted, the land chosen for cultivation, the growing and harvesting and the distilling or extraction of essential oils from the plant matter. The oils must be extracted at a certain temperature and pressure to preserve the therapeutic qualities. It is a precise science.


But it doesn’t end there, this is followed by detailed testing of the quality of the oil. Oils are rejected if they do not reach the standards promised. Young Living has one of the most up to date science laboratories in the world for this. And finally the bottling and sealing in a quality amber glass bottle to keep the oils fresh.

The Farms

I’ve been to four Young Living farms, in the USA, Croatia, France and Ecuador in South America. And I’ve been so impressed. I’ve seen first hand the cultivation in clean land, the engineering of the distilling process. With massive worm farms and composting in Ecuador to the making of floral waters from the pulp. I was impressed to see the employment of local people and the care and respect they are given. The building of a school in Ecuador for children who would otherwise never receive an education was touching.

And I’ve visited the laboratories to see the science behind the company. Dr Buch the head scientist has lectured to us on the chromatography and other instrumentation for the testing of the oils. It is unsurpassed. 


I was welcomed with open arms as are all guests and very impressed with what I saw. That openness and transparency has built the trust I still have in these oils today. Young Living is not just a company, they truly want to change the world for the better.

Zero Waste

Young Living has made a commitment to zero waste by changing their packaging over to biodegradable products and recycling everything possible. I am happy to say most of the recyclable packaging of my purchases is now devoured by the happy worms in our family worm farm. Read here for Young Living’s monthly tips on how to go green.

Below the massive distillery set up in South America at the Ecuador Farm.